Castle Rock Family Acupuncture™
Castle Rock Family Acupuncture™

DISCLAIMER: The following material is for informational purposes only. Please consult with your doctor before engaging in any of the following activities as they may be too strenuous or dangerous for some people.


High Intensity Interval Training is how I work out. Progressive Calisthenics, which start out easy enough for any fitness level, can be modified to fit any fitness goals!

Barefoot Gait

I walk on the ball of my foot - it's a forefoot strike rather than a heel strike. Most mammals in nature walk on their forefeet, and even children, when they are first learning to walk, are on their forefoot. It took me 8 months until my new gait felt completely natural, but it was worth the new found stability, stronger core, better calves, and gain of an inch in height - not to mention that my feet no longer hurt! I can help you start on your new gait.

You can also buy my book, “Primal Walk” on Amazon and other stores. You don't have to walk this way, but I encourage everyone in my practice to move correctly in order to cut down on the number of overall treatments. Good posture is necessary for good health, and I can show you how proper posture not only makes you stronger, but burns more than double the calories and may protect you from osteoporosis, dementia, concussions, and a number of other, "modern human" problems!


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