Richard Myers specializes in many varieties of massage for different issues one may have as well as being a Reiki 2 practitioner. He offers 90-minute massages, 60-minute massages, and 30-minute follow up massages. On top of that, he also offers 60-minute Reiki energy sessions. Contact him to find out more!


Injury Prevention and Recovery: Richard uses deep tissue massage to improve balance, strength, and flexibility within the soft tissue. His techniques will aid in the recovery process by increasing blood flow, breaking up adhesions, manually lengthening muscle tissue, and opening blocked muscle channels.


Restructuring and cupping: Richard uses this form of massage to focus on realigning skeletal muscles to assist with the process of performing activities of daily living more efficiently and with tensegrity. Restructuring and cupping is a necessary part of the transition to the Primal Walk.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage: Richard is able to assist the body's detoxification process with the use of this form of massage.


Sports Specific Massage: Richard uses a variety of modalities including trigger point therapy, deep tissue work, and cross fiber techniques to reduce muscle soreness and improve performance.


The length of the massage or treatment needed may vary from person to person. Please contact Richard at 720-276-2930 to schedule an appointment or find out more information.

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