Greg Shim uses a variety of treatment protocols to get the best results given your individual needs. To paraphrase a Chinese tenet - acupuncture should work like a stick being stuck in the sand on a sunny day, as fast as you can see the shadow, that's how fast it should work. Greg expects and usually gets results from the very first treatment!

Acupuncture: Latin for acus (needle) and punctura (puncture) - very thin, sterile needles are inserted into the body at specific points to trigger the brain to focus on the problem - think of it as a light switch. Hit the right switch, and it can turn off the problem (and just as fast!).


Cold Training: Using a combination of breathwork and limited/controlled exposure to cold showers, Greg can help you reconnect with your natural ability to deal with the cold. Our ancestors were strengthened by the cold - so should we!

Dry Needling: A type of acupuncture where the needles are inserted into the body at specific points to trigger the brain to focus on the problem. Greg is an advanced Dry Needler with over 900 hours of face to face, hands-on training in needling.


Exercises: Breathing and posture are used to increase strength and/or flexibility at home to help continue the body's natural healing ability. Greg is the first acupuncturist in the world to be certified as an instructor in DragonDoor's Progressive Calisthenics. These exercises can be used for rehabilitation, strength, flexibility, and weight loss.


Functional Cupping: Chinese Medicine has long used suction cups to help break up restrictions and adhesions in the body. Functional Cupping is cupping with specific movements based on Traditional Chinese Muscle Channels to gain range of motion and pain relief in about 30 seconds.


Gait and Stability Training: Over the last six and a half years, Greg has pieced together why most Americans are struggling with pain and degeneration. His book, "Primal Walk" is available at Amazon and other outlets. Walk tall and strong!

Herbs: American made herbal tablets are used in conjunction with other treatment protocols to address a myriad of concerns. The herbs are tested by several independent companies to ensure that things like pesticides and western medicines do not contaminate the formulas.


Injection Therapy: Sarapin is used for pain and swelling. It is a safe (no reported long term side effects since 1940) alternative to other anti-inflammatories. B12 is also used as an anti-inflammatory for both well being and weight loss.


Kinesio Tape: lightweight, breathable, hypo-allergenic 100% cotton tape is placed on the body to help with movement, keep swelling minimized, and relieve muscle spasms. The treatment can stay on 3 to 5 days, prolonging the effects of the acupuncture treatment and reducing the total number of treatments it takes for some health concerns. Greg is the first CKTP L.Ac. in CO!


Massage/Stretches: Tuina (the Chinese word for massage) is used to break up tight muscle adhesions and increase range of motion in stuck joints. Many times it will be used in conjunction with acupuncture to dramatically restore lost range of motion.


For more information on any of these services including pricing and making an appointment, please contact Greg at 720-201-8063 (by text or call) or

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