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Here at CRFA, we utilize different people with different specialties to help you achieve your best self - and keep it.  Team Primal's mission is to promote and inspire a world where the paradigm of healthcare shifts to one of self-healing through tensegrity.

We offer a variety of services including acupuncture, massage therapy, reiki, and nutrition therapy. Each healthcare practitioner offers many different treatments as well. Check the navigation bar for info on the different types of treatments offered and more!

We are a fragrance-free clinic.

Please do not wear cologne or perfume during your visit as we have patients

who cannot tolerate the chemical exposure.

Team Primal

Greg Shim

Licensed Acupuncturist and CRFA Founder

Greg has an undying commitment to helping people improve - and learning how to improve themselves. Throughout his 15 years of being a licensed acupuncturist, he has built CRFA on the goal of helping people access their best selves.

Beth Jauquet

Registered Dietitian and Specialist in Sports Dietetics

Beth is passionate about helping you become the best version of yourself through an open minded, non-judgmental approach to allow her clients to reach their goals while living their best life and loving what they eat!

Richard Myers

Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki 2 Practitioner

Richard believes the optimal approach to fitness and wellness is balancing the connection between the energetic and physical body. Through his practice he assists people in improving their health in all aspects.

Make An Appointment

Each practitioner has different hours, please check either the contact page,

schedule page, or click below to view.


For Greg, current patients may schedule from their smartphones using OnPatient, or by texting Greg to set up OnPatient where you can access your health records and schedule from your phone.

Contact Us

We are located at 1 Oakwood Park Plaza, Suite #106, Castle Rock, CO 80104 in the Oakwood Park Medical Plaza - just east of the big rock!


Contact Greg by text or phone call at 720-201-8063.


Contact Beth at 303-229-2913 or at bethjauquet@yahoo.com


Contact Richard at 720-276-2930.


Castle Rock Family Acupuncture is now offering

Wholistic Health Packages through Primalized Health Consultants.

Call 303-505-9313 for more information and to schedule an appointment with Primalized Health Consultants.

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1 Oakwood Park Plaza, Suite #106 Castle Rock, CO 80104